Pain Scale


Taking the pain scale seriously is crucial for ensuring that your pain is adequately addressed and treated by healthcare professionals.

Pain is a subjective experience, making it challenging to convey the intensity and nature of your discomfort to others, including your doctor. To use the pain scale effectively, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different levels before undergoing a procedure. Identify which key levels best represent your pain experience. After a surgery or procedure, patients are often advised to continue taking medications that help maintain their pain level at “5 or below.”

0 – No Pain

Mild Pain – Bothersome and irritating, but does not significantly impact daily activities.

1 – Barely perceptible pain, rarely thought about throughout the day.

2 – Minor pain with occasional stronger twinges, but still manageable.

3 – Noticeable and distracting pain, but possible to adapt to and carry on with activities.

Moderate Pain – Substantially impacts daily activities and quality of life.

4 – Moderate pain that can be ignored temporarily when deeply engaged in an activity, but remains distracting.

5 – Moderately strong pain that cannot be ignored for more than a few minutes. Requires effort to continue working or participating in social activities.

6 – Moderately strong pain that hinders normal daily activities and affects concentration.

Severe Pain – Debilitating; significantly impairs the ability to carry out daily tasks.

7 – Severe pain that overwhelms the senses and considerably restricts the ability to perform daily activities or maintain social relationships. Interferes with sleep.

8 – Intense pain that severely limits physical activity. Conversation requires tremendous effort.

9 – Excruciating pain causing uncontrollable crying out and/or moaning. Conversation is nearly impossible.

10 – Unimaginable pain that leaves the individual bedridden and possibly delirious. This level of pain is rarely experienced.

By using the pain scale consistently and accurately, you can help your healthcare team better understand and manage your pain, ultimately improving your overall well-being and recovery process.

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