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What Causes a Headache To Ache?

The spinal cord pulling on the brain.The skull bones (Head plates) being out of alignmentThe skull (occipital bone), the first neck bone, being out of alignmentThe first cervical vertebrae (Neck Read More

Chronic Pain Relief: New Treatments from James Keppler DC

“Chronic pain treatment means identifying the correct cause which is usually a slipped or rotated vertebra, an alignment problem, twisting of the spine, binding of the spine, a coupling or Read More

Experienced Scoliosis Chiropractor in Sacramento CA

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine curves to the side. This curvature causes the back to be uneven and bent or twisted rather than straight. Scoliosis most often develops Read More

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash in Sacramento CA

Whiplash is a common injury that occurs when the neck is forced to move quickly and violently back and forth, typically as a result of a car accident. This sudden Read More

Whiplash Injury Treatment in Sacramento CA

Whiplash injuries in Sacramento CA are a common injury that occurs due to a sudden change in the entire spine’s alignment and surrounding tissues. However, most of the available treatment Read More

Why Seeing a Sacramento CA Chiropractor for Whiplash is Essential

If you’ve ever been in a car accident in Sacramento CA, you know just how jarring it can be. Even a minor fender bender can result in whiplash, a painful Read More

Migraine Treatment in Sacramento CA

Living with migraines in Sacramento CA can be a daily struggle. The intense headaches, light sensitivity, and nausea can make it challenging to carry out daily activities. While traditional treatments Read More

Overcoming Shoulder Pain From Auto Accidents Through Chiropractic Care in Sacramento CA

Auto accidents can result in a range of physical injuries, including shoulder pain. If you’ve been involved in a car crash and are experiencing shoulder discomfort, it’s important to seek Read More

Get Relief From Neck Pain After an Accident in Sacramento CA

Car accidents can take a toll on your body, especially your neck. If you’re experiencing neck pain after a car accident, Keppler Chiropractic can help with neck pain in Sacramento Read More

Chiropractic Care Can Alleviate Back Pain From Truck Accidents in Sacramento CA

Attention Sacramento CA area, back pain caused by truck accidents is a common issue faced by individuals who have been involved in such incidents. While pain medications and surgery are Read More

Unlock the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care for Pocket Area Whiplash Injury in Sacramento CA

If you live in the Pocket Area of Sacramento CA and have suffered from a recent whiplash injury, it’s time to discover the healing power of chiropractic care. Whiplash is Read More

5 Reasons Why Kepler Chiropractic Can Enhance Your Physical Function and Performance in Sacramento CA

Chiropractic care is a growing industry in Sacramento CA, with many individuals seeking its benefits for their physical health and well-being. Keppler Chiropractic in Sacramento CA is one of the Read More

Discover the Top 5 Advantages of Visiting Keppler Chiropractic in Sacramento CA

Chiropractic care is a natural, non-invasive form of health care that has been used for over a hundred years to treat a variety of conditions. In recent years, more and Read More

Chiropractor Explains Why You Are Not Sleeping Well in Sacramento CA

Not sleeping well means your body is not circulating properly or perhaps stressed out because of too many things on your mind. Or something has caught your attention that is Read More

Chiropractor in Sacramento CA Talks About Headaches

Sacramento CA chiropractors specialize in treating headaches caused by stress or poor posture called cervicogenic headaches. Sacramento CA chiropractors use effective therapies such as nutritional advice, gentle spinal corrections, and Read More

Chiropractor in Sacramento CA Treats Back Pain

At Keppler Chiropractic in Sacramento CA we seek to treat patients who struggle with muscle, nerve, and joint ailments. Treatment can often be as simple as our chiropractor non-invasively aligning Read More

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